Friday, June 3, 2011

My Guilty Pleasure Songs - sing along if you know one of them!

OK so I'm doing the Secret of Success is Support (SITS) girls 31 days to be a better blogger.  I've done lists before on my blog - *8 things that make you feel powerful*8 things - the family cabin30 Things about my invisible illness you may not know.  I like doing lists because I feel they help you get to know me better.

I was one of those kids that sang Christmas carols in the summer, listened with my grandmom to Trini Lopez "If I had a Hammer", and was introduced to the post AM radio Beatles "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" album through my uncle Chris at around 10-11 years old (he was around 20 at the time).

My guilty pleasure songs - well - when my daughter was a teen there was Backstreet Boys and NSYNC and she listened to them, and then I got to like them!  Of course she then went on to some other music, but I still sang along.  I admit when I watched this video -

I sang along really loud - inside I felt like a teenage girl LOL.

So in no particular order here are some of my "guilty pleasure" songs - and yes I'm the one in the car next to you singing along to the radio/CD

1.  I Want it That Way - Backstreet Boys
2.  Bye, Bye, Bye - NSYNC
3.  Forget You - Cee Lo Green
4.  Express Yourself - Madonna
5.  My Sharona - The Knack
6.  Most anything by the Glee Cast
7.  Dancing Queen/Mama Mia - Abba
8.  Baby - Justin Bieber
9.  867-5309 (Jenny) - Tommy Tutone
10. Raise Your Glass - Pink

OK admit it (I won't tell anyone) - got some guilty pleasure songs? I'd love to add to my listening list.


Anonymous said...

WOW! I played that video and sang out loud to the whole thing! What a great list of songs too! Cool post.

Petula said...

I don't think I have any guilty pleasure songs. I played the video and my oldest daughter sang out loud! LOL... Wait, well I like Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus and Fireflies by Owl City. It's 'cause they're fun and interesting. I also like Black Eyed Peas. And as far as old school: anything Motown. My neighbor was playing Jackson 5 and I was doing the moves and everything! LOL

Kelli said...

What a great video. I sang out loud. Thank goodness no one was home but the animals and the dog didn't even howl. LOL Great post.