Friday, June 10, 2011

A Day Late but here's my follow up explanation to last weeks prompt -

from Mama Kat -

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Anyways - the prompt.

A lot of things in my life didn't happen the "normal" way - whatever  THAT is.  In some ways I can laugh and it helps me be prepared for a lot of things that are unexpected.

I met Rich and two weeks later we were engaged.  He then left for Florida, and I stayed behind in Philadelphia.  It was 1982 and no computer, so we called each other and I wrote a lot.  We decided to get married on July 23rd, 1983.  We would go to a Justice of the Peace and then a great reception paid for by my grandmother at a place we've eaten before with really good food.  Rich was married before and we were going down to City Hall to get our marriage license.  I called beforehand and they said he needed his divorce papers.  He didn't have them and didn't know where they were back in California.  This was about 2-3 days before we were to get married!  I cried and told my mom - I guess I had to tell someone.  She was the only one - well and her friend that worked with her - that knew we weren't married when we went to our reception.  Well the good food I thought I was going to have - I was so nervous I just drank champagne and laughed a lot!

After the reception we packed up and drove across the US to Oregon where I met Rich's parents for the first time.  It was hard to keep up the pretense that we were married, but Rich wanted to wait until November 12th (the day we met) to get married.  We were on our way to Reno Nevada  (they don't check previous marriages, etc.) and there was a horrible snowstorm.  We got married on December 12th - *phew*.  It was a funny ceremony because Rich just wanted us to go to the chapel and not change clothes so it was corduroys and a sweater for me, jeans for him.  I did laugh about it because it was just us and I wasn't nervous at all.  I had the pretty dress, flowers, reception with family and friends and a "quickie" wedding - just in reverse order!


Della said...

That is such a sweet love story. It all worked out in the end. We had our wedding in my husband parents back yard!

Anonymous said...

The best part of your story? The fact that you did not let this wreck your big day. Most people would have cancelled the wedding.

The way you did it wasn't traditional but I am sure that despite the feelings at the time, it was meant to be that way. Thanks for sharing your post!

Classic NYer said...

I totally agree with sassy blonde... and anyway papers are just papers to me. The real appeal of a wedding is 1. spending the rest of your life together and 2. an excuse for a party and a pretty dress, haha!