Saturday, January 1, 2011

NaBloPoMo for January 2011

This is me, my friend Joyce, cousin Carol, cousin Jack and sister Sue - I was around 6 years old I think.

The subject for the whole month is "friends".  I haven't been to NaBloPoMo in a while.  There are daily writing prompts (no Saturday/Sunday), but the whole month of January the subject is friends.  I made my own badge to click on and you can go to the site.  Couldn't help using the "Friends" from TV - I loved that show!

If any online friends/acquaintances are reading this post, please forgive me.  I haven't been a good friend lately.  I know I've mentioned my best friend is my husband, and he's been severely depressed.  I've posted before about PTSD, and how years ago I worked and he slept most of the day.  Rich has been out of work since October 5, working only a few days.

We've talked off and on, and he talked about not caring, not wanting to do the "same thing day after day", turning 60, etc.  I feel very, very helpless and a bit depressed myself.  His counselor mentioned about going to an inpatient clinic to check on his medications, or another alternative would be electro convulsive therapy.

Usually talking with people I like talking about stuff I've found online, crafts, my family, TV stuff, music - it just depends on who I talk to.  I try and be upbeat but lately I haven't been.  And I always think "who wants to talk to someone that's "down" all the time - at least lately?  I know the meaning of a true friend is someone that will listen no matter what, but I guess I just didn't want to dump on everyone my depression and worry.

I've talked to some family and friends and told them mostly what was going on, and for you I am so grateful for you listening and offering suggestions and just being there.
cute pictures of unusual animal friendships
. . . just walking my dog and cat and rat!

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