Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Another class - fun!

About a year ago I saw some stuff in the Internet about "steam punk".

I just like the look of the gears and stuff on regular items and I look forward to taking this class.

Here's another "comment" post and you can win this class!

7 PM CENTRAL (8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific, 1AM UK -Sorry! and approximately Noon on November 23rd for you down under folks in Australia)
Instructor:  Samantha Star
This class will be recorded and available on demand after November 22 - 
Participants receive a FREE link to the recorded class.
Register by October 15th and receive a $5 discount on the class!!!
Steam punk is HOT and Trendy!  Join Samantha as she takes on a step by step journey to create this beautiful yet delightfully grungy steam punk style bracelet using scrapbook supplies and embellishments. 
  • Many different techniques will be discussed in this class such as:
  • staining metal
  • crackling
  • working with epoxy to waterproof your project
  • And more!
This class is sold, complete with the kit below.
** PLEASE register for class by October 28 to ensure delivery of kit.  Registration after that is accepted by kit arrival can not be guaranteed. 
  • 5 metal washers
  • 2.5’ of copper wire (20gauge)
  • 3 chipboard squares
  • a variety of grunge board shapes
  • a variety of metal clock pieces
  • toggle clasp (your clasp might differ from the sample depending on availability)

 Other materials required:
Alcohol ink in a metallic color of your choice
Tim Holtz Crackle Paint in Antique Linen (or color of your choice)
Quick Dry Epoxy, rubber gloves

Pliers, wire cutters, hole punch (one that is able to punch through chipboard)
Aluminum foil, Popsicle stick

Metallic acrylic paint, paintbrush
Brown Solvent Ink (such as Staz-On) 
Please have these materials ready to go if you desire to create this project with Samantha in class.
Does this sound like fun?  Join me in this class
and make a cool bracelet!

Monday, September 20, 2010

A really cool class - online!

This is the second jewelry class I've signed up for (or maybe the third LOL) from Craftech University.  Linda Peterson started this for those that either can't get out for a class, or you can watch it later on at your convenience.

I love the look of this jewelry - funky, chunky with a personal touch that you add yourself!  I love coppers and aged copper. You can always go to a thrift store or possibly your hubby's or significant others tool box to find unusual pieces to make this necklace your own, or even a hardware store!  I bet you can't imagine shopping for jewelry supplies at a hardware store huh?  Fortunately for me my hubby inherited his dad's tool box with LOTS of fun stuff.

I can see this necklace with a nice fall top and slacks or even one of those boho skirts that are out now.

I'm not sure who all is going to blog about this class but Linda is GIVING away this $90 class after reading the blogs and picking someone.  I have paid for the class, so what I'll do is YOU comment on this post and I"ll do a random number picking when the time comes with randomizer.

Here's a description of the class - METALWORKING MEGA WORKSHOP - FOUNDATIONS

This is a special 6 HOUR event!

$90 + shipping/handling


Beginners Welcome

Some experience is helpful.

November 6th, 2010

11am to 5pm (breaks included)

Create a very unique necklace using copper, wire and other mixed media.

You will learn how to create textures on copper, wire wrapping, cold connections, patina and color effects on copper

We will create our own elements using found and unusual objects.

You are welcome to incorporate any objects of interest you have.

Class fee includes the following kit*


Copper metal
Steel Washer - copper plate technique
dragonfly charm
copper tube 1/8" diameter 3" long
3 small brass washers
1 tiny brass washer
tim holtz gear x 1
copper wire - 1 roll - amaco
Copper wire 18:
brass washer 5/8"
chain 10"
two brass tarnished lobster clasps
brass split rings X10
screws - tarnished
Liver of Sulfur Chips

*Student to provide necessary tools - additional materials needed will be supplied

Kit will create the basic necklace

Linda is very good about letting you know what else you'll need for the class in plenty of time.  Even if you've never made jewelry before you can ask questions and also Linda would be able to see if you are having a problem by your webcam - but you don't necessarily have to have a webcam to join in.  The program is recorded, so you can watch it over to catch something you didn't catch the first time.

I love Linda's classes - and I've also taken classes from Tiffany Windsor, Ann Butler, and Samantha Starr.  The classes are inexpensive and you can watch and participate from the comfort of your own home.

I wrote a little about Linda and her classes here:

I have not done any crafts before really except when I was in my teens and 20's I did crochet.  For someone that's not familiar with crafting Linda is very patient and before long you've made some jewelry from polymer clay or friendly plastic!  I've done things that I thought were so intimidating, but once I began it was pretty easy following Linda's directions in class.

So let's get to posting a comment to win a class!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Invisible Illness Week - my husband

I thought about a post to write for Invisible Illness Week - what medications I take, what I do to help myself, etc.  Sometimes I know I'm helping others, but at other times I get tired of talking about myself LOL.

I want to write about Rich, my husband, my long time love, my best friend.  He has PTSD - post traumatic stress disorder.


I "interviewed" about dates, etc. and he told me some things I've never asked, or he's never told me.  I met Rich in November 1982, and he had been in Viet Nam July 1972 to May 1973 - he was only 21 years old.  I didn't realize that he was drinking heavily to probably make all the pain he felt and saw go away.  He was married when he was in Viet Nam and he came back and drank heavily, and divorced about 4 years before we met.  I didn't realize he had a really bad drinking problem until he told me he was checking himself into the Navy "rehab" when he got back to his home port in Jacksonville, FL.  I had known him all of two weeks, we dated every night and he proposed marriage and I accepted.

I wanted us to get to know each other better, so I stayed at home and worked and we talked by telephone and we wrote cards and letters.  I did go and visit and was so proud of him.  Alcohol and drugs runs rampant in my family and I was glad he was getting help.  Nothing ever really came up about Rich in Viet Nam, we never really talked about it.  I know my uncles went there and one you couldn't come up behind him - he got really angry.  I didn't understand it way back then, and I'm sure a lot of people didn't either.  I didn't realize how much it would effect me and our daughter Amy either.

One night we were in bed sleeping and Rich all of a sudden stood up and ran screaming towards the door.  He didn't really tell me about the nightmares he had.  He also slept on the couch for a number of years, and that made me really sad.  Now I know why - he wanted to protect us.

He got out of the Navy back in July 1983, and went back in a few years later.  The first time he was gone for 6 months it was a great homecoming.  When he went to Desert Storm I knew when he came back he wasn't the same.  He went in the Naval Hospital in June or July of 1992 for depression and wanting to commit suicide.

He got out of the Navy and we moved to Salem.  He was still going through a depression and he was misdiagnosed with clinical depression and manic-depression, along with medications to go along with each of these illnesses.  He was depressed and had outbursts of anger.  He finally went the the Vet Center and got counseling, along with Amy and I sometimes.  His counselor retired and the next counselor wasn't really meeting his needs.  His counselor now is great, and Rich has been hypnotized to bring up what happened and release it.

He's doing better - not as many dreams, he talks to me about things a lot more. He is a funny, generous, kind person - the person I feel in love with and love more every day.

I'm reading a book recommended to me Many Faces of PTSD by Susan Rau Stocker.

PTSD is an invisible illness.  There are over 7.7 million people that suffer in one form or another of PTSD.  I hope people reading this realize that people with mental illness are people that deserve love, kindness and compassion like anyone else.  All it takes is knowledge and taking away the stigma that mental illness still has.

Here are some links for today:


Pam is blogging daily about fibromyalgia for Invisible Illness Week

I was encouraged to write something for this blog and I will eventually.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Crisis, what crisis?

I'm happy to be blogging again for the Chronic Babe Blog Carnival - it's #12!

Since I was a young child I guess I learned from situations and adults in my life to handle crisis.  My mom was basically a single mom until she had to go to court to force my dad to pay child support.  I remember a few times we had our electric and/or gas shut off.  I didn't feel my mother's panic, but I was also glad my grandmom lived across the street.

When I got married it seemed like at one point or another there was a lot to handle.  Even getting married wasn't the "dream day" I imagined.  I might have talked about this before.  My grandmother paid for a beautiful place for our reception, and the food was good LOL.  In Pennsylvania you have to get a blood test and all that.  "All that" was since Rich was married before he had to have his papers.  Couldn't find his papers and this was about 5 days before our wedding.  Well long story short - we had the reception and only my mom knew we weren't married.  We got married a year and a month to the day we met - December 12th.  I had to kind of laugh about it a little even though it wasn't funny at the time.

I worked while Rich was away a lot in the Navy.  Right before Amy was to go to kindergarten she was "touched" by the baby sitter's teenage son. I shut down the daycare, but I had to find a new babysitter and new school.  I'm always one to find things out - sometimes unconventionally.  We decided to put Amy in a Catholic kindergarten.  I called the office and asked if they knew of a person that did babysitting - and they did!  It was a hard time because along the way I had car trouble, and also got a promotion but had to do my old job too.

That was just one block of time. It sounds really hectic and crazy and sad.  I had a lot of anger about the situation with Amy, but I didn't really have time to think about it much.  In a way I'm proud of myself because I handled it all and came through it.

I tend to say "let the past stay in the past".  Lately though situations have come up where I've had to remember the bad things in the past.  It doesn't feel good when I think about it again, but at least I get it out and out of the way.  I hold a lot in if you can't tell LOL, but I'm finally learning.  I am a little more outspoken about things.  If I don't speak up I know it'll take a toll on my body, and I can't afford that.

I used to watch "Jon & Kate plus 8" and when they said "it may be a crazy life but it's our life" - I have to giggle every time.  OK I don't have 8 kids but hey I might have a book coming out too LOL.

I hope you read some of the other babes that wrote about crisis.

I got my Free Elka mug - how about you LOL?

hopefully I'll have some more links on my next post!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thank you Migranista!

For giving me this award! And reading my blog and liking what I have to say.  

Also please read Chronic Babes new blog carnival - http://www.chronicbabe.com/articles/854/.  It's about Health Reform and I felt I didn't know enough about it to right about it.

Thanks again Migranista - I really appreciate it!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday, Monday and of course other "stuff"

Happy Labor Day America!  I woke up around 8:30 which is late for me but Rich has the day off so I got to "sleep in"a little.  I was watching Big Brother After Dark last night but with only 4 people left and 3 are guys well - not that interesting LOL.  I was watching Lane lifting weights and Rich comes in and says "WHAT are you watching?" and I said "not much" heehee.

It's starting to feel a bit like fall here - I have my feet covered and wanting some warm apple cider! That's a good thing about living in the Northwest - fresh apples.  I like apples dipped in caramel.  Yeah I know - not diet food but boy is it good.  I like a certain brand of caramel too so I stock up when I can.

Last year this time I was in Arizona waiting for London to come.

That little tiny bundle to that big smiling boy!  I am so lucky to have happy healthy grandchildren and things are starting to look up for my daughter.  She deserves all the good things in life, but I guess that's what all parents want for their children no matter what age.

I'm going to work on myself this fall.  I'm taking a class called Power Stories: tips and tales for standing in your own power and it has come at the right time for me.  I love Rachelle and blogging her *8 Things and I know I will be loving this class.  Even at 53, even saying "no" at times when I need to - I still am a bit "timid" - to get involved, to reach out.  Being a person with fibromyalgia and arthritis and living right now in Oregon it it really rough for me to get out to join a book club, to join a craft class.  I hope after this I will reach out and start my own book club and talk to more people online that share my beliefs, my sense of humor, etc. or people I can learn things from that might not be just like me, but we can learn from each other.

It's hard sometimes to be "just me".  I am more than my illness.  I am still a woman, a wife, a mother , a grandmother, a funny (at times) person.  I'm not afraid to try new things, new foods (there ARE exceptions though).  I started 2 businesses from home with less than $500 and I probably could start something else or give someone else some good ideas.  I used to be a positive person - the glass was half full and sometimes overflowing.  The last five years have been very rough on myself and my family, physically, emotionally.  I lost some of that "positive-ness" and I hope to get some of it back.

OK guess I got off on a tear LOL.  I guess this is about you are never too old or too anything to try and improve yourself or learn something new.  


recipe for a apple crepe

class making fabric beads (saving for later)

easy coconut macaroons - one of my favorites and they are so good!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Feh Friday and question for you

It's one of THOSE days.  Where you want to stay in bed and put the pillow over your head.  But I am here and I'm writing.  I was going to write about Rachelle Mee-Chapman's *8 Things, but I'm really not in the mood to write out my faults.  I know there will be a time where I'll need to examine all the stuff inside of me and changing for the good, but not today.

I'm like Kathy the character in The Big C who says in a restaurant she's having "desserts and liquor" - except no liquor but I am having a brownie for lunch LOL. You think why would I want to watch a show about a woman with cancer? But it's a delightful surprise.  Laura Linney is great and gutsy, and I think we all need to at least once order dessert and liquor for dinner!

Thinking about her reminded me of doing something silly a few times at the store.  Rich and I were looking for stuff at Christmas and we went and turned on all the "talking" toys, the dancing ones, etc.  It was SO much fun!

OK I am sitting here with a smile on my face.

Please let me know - what have you done in the open (or secretly) that isn't "adult like" LOL?

Here are some links - ENJOY!


free books for Kindle - you can download Kindle to your PC also.


gift baskets for those that need gluten free foods or have food allergies