Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A slight crush on Richard Dreyfuss and some more ramblings

Yes you heard me LOL.  I am watching Weeds and there is something about him.  I think it's more that he's a great actor.  I mean he's playing a teacher that the main character was "more then friends with" in high school - a big ewwwww from me.  He's a sad man, but of course brings his own brand of funny to it.  

I remember seeing "Close Encounters" and didn't think too much about him.  It was when I saw "The Goodbye Girl" I thought he was "kinda cute" - or maybe it was the story.  I also loved "Always" and "Once Around" two very different love stories I really liked him.  The chemistry between him and Holly Hunter is great.  There aren't many movies I watch a couple of times but these two when I see them on TV I record them.  Last movie I saw him in was "My Life in Ruins".  I heard bad reviews about the movie but I loved "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" and to see parts of Greece was a plus. I want to go to Greece one day - preferably the beaches there - ahhhhh!

Another actor that isn't "pretty" but I have a little crush - Tommy Lee Jones.  I saw him on One Life to Live (1971-1979) where he played a doctor.  Years later I can't remember what movie but I was like "I've seen him before" LOL.  So glad they are doing a Men in Black III!

No mention of the elections today - I've seen so much "crap" on TV for the past couple of months (when I haven't DVR'd that is) I am over it LOL.  Also I feel like I don't have the right to talk about politics, since I don't know enough about it all.  I know I wanted to change history by voting for Barack Obama, and now I voted for John Kitzhaber.  I think it's cool he's jumping in again.

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