Thursday, November 4, 2010

*8 Things that make you feel powerful

My daughter Amy was 3 years old here - now she's 26!

I'm taking a class (at my own pace which is kinda slow lately) "Standing in your own Power" by Rachelle Mee Chapman  One of the *8 Things post was done in September, but I think it's appropriate for me to do now.  Sometimes I feel power-less, but there are some things that make me feel powerful - here they are:

1. When my grown daughter tells me something I've told her works/is right.  It's good to know she's listening.

2. New underwear! When you are 53 and get something "fun" that only you and your significant other sees gives me a lift.

3.  Songs where I blast the sound up: Fighter - Christina Aguilera, So What, U + Ur Hand - Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Pat Benatar - some of the lyrics are snarky, fun, in your face - I like that LOL

4.  Learning at least one new thing every day - a new word, a new way to do something, etc.

5.  Knowing that I have a voice on the internet - I can help someone by posting my experience, I can send out a message to people all over the world about signing a petition, adopting a dog/cat in trouble

6.  When I can tell someone "they are not alone, I know"

7.  Knowing I am loved

8.  Knowledge

Some links that I find interesting and hope you do too:
I saw the crockpot lasagna and it looked pretty good!
cute red & white stocking shaped boxes for Christmas mailing

. . . til tomorrow!


Bluezy said...

Me and my grandson fed your fish oh now my granddaughter wants in on it.

BevinUSA said...

Hi Gerri thank you for sharing great blog post

Hope you are doing as well as you can. Hope we can chat again soon Hugs and Love Bev

Wendy said...

Great list! I can relate to 1,2,3.. Erm, looking back over it, I can relate to to all of them. :)