Friday, October 1, 2010

You've got to have a sense of humor, right?

When you have a chance please go to Chronic Babe and this is my post for - The Funniest Thing About Chronic Illness.

At first I wasn't quite sure I wanted to write about this.  I do watch fun stuff and go to fun websites to get my sense of humor back and a smile on my face.  My husband  makes me laugh a lot and so do my online friends.

Some "fun" things about fibromyalgia

You know you've got brain fog when ... I'm sorry, what were we talking about?

How do you snap someone out of brain fog? I'll tell you when it happens.

You know you've got chronic fatigue syndrome when you wake up in the morning to get ready for your nap.

You know you've got FMS when your cat thinks you spend too much time laying around in warm spots.

How do you identify the grocery list of someone with ME/CFS? It's on the table at home (or in the refrigerator? - me).

You know you've got fibromyalgia when you refer to Vicodin as "the mild stuff.".

I used to know a lot of jokes about ME/CFS, but I forgot them all.

You might have FMS/ME/CFS if:
You've got your pharmacist on speed dial.
You tell the cop you're driving slow because of the fog -- and it's sunny out.
You fit the diagnostic criteria for both insomnia and narcolepsy.
You've got more diagnoses than a nursing home.
Your medical chart comes in several volumes.
Old people avoid you because of how much you talk about your health

I've had fibromyalgia for 5 years and sometimes I try and see the funny stuff about it - like when I put the sugar in the refrigerator and the liquid creamer in the cabinet.  Been there, done that LOL.

There are some shows on TV that I laugh most of the way through and some links online I love and here they are:

Robin Williams - just saw "Weapons of Self Destruction" again - I laughed until I cried! - there are these sweet kittens and two or three "toys" you can move around for them to play with! - written by Matt Groening, who created The Simpsons gives me a chuckle every time I watch.

oops I forgot one more thing - flash mobs! They make me smile

Just a side note - my blog is pink all month for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


Heather said...

I love this! You certainly do need a sense of humor with FMS! I have done some crazy stuff with the kitchen too!

Shawn Becker said...

I love your blog.I too have done some crazy things especially forgetting words during a conversation! Laughing eases the discomfort.

Anonymous said...

I like to blame fibro fog for all my quirks. Somehow, I doubt I had fibromyalgia back in kindergarten where I first began to transpose numbers. LOL I know its a bad fog day when I write postit notes to myself, and then either forget to post them somewhere, or forget to read them.
Thanks for sharing your fibro fog experiences. Boy, can I relate!