Friday, September 3, 2010

Feh Friday and question for you

It's one of THOSE days.  Where you want to stay in bed and put the pillow over your head.  But I am here and I'm writing.  I was going to write about Rachelle Mee-Chapman's *8 Things, but I'm really not in the mood to write out my faults.  I know there will be a time where I'll need to examine all the stuff inside of me and changing for the good, but not today.

I'm like Kathy the character in The Big C who says in a restaurant she's having "desserts and liquor" - except no liquor but I am having a brownie for lunch LOL. You think why would I want to watch a show about a woman with cancer? But it's a delightful surprise.  Laura Linney is great and gutsy, and I think we all need to at least once order dessert and liquor for dinner!

Thinking about her reminded me of doing something silly a few times at the store.  Rich and I were looking for stuff at Christmas and we went and turned on all the "talking" toys, the dancing ones, etc.  It was SO much fun!

OK I am sitting here with a smile on my face.

Please let me know - what have you done in the open (or secretly) that isn't "adult like" LOL?

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Maya said...

Ha, I love that question and I love the visual of you turning on all the toys :) Made me laugh! I'm "an adult" pretty seldomly in my life...I make intricate faces out of my leftovers, I skip when I feel up to it, and I get rainbow sprinkles at the ice cream shop without fail. I think the day I stop being a kid at heart is the day I don't want to see. I hope you feel better <3