Sunday, September 12, 2010

Crisis, what crisis?

I'm happy to be blogging again for the Chronic Babe Blog Carnival - it's #12!

Since I was a young child I guess I learned from situations and adults in my life to handle crisis.  My mom was basically a single mom until she had to go to court to force my dad to pay child support.  I remember a few times we had our electric and/or gas shut off.  I didn't feel my mother's panic, but I was also glad my grandmom lived across the street.

When I got married it seemed like at one point or another there was a lot to handle.  Even getting married wasn't the "dream day" I imagined.  I might have talked about this before.  My grandmother paid for a beautiful place for our reception, and the food was good LOL.  In Pennsylvania you have to get a blood test and all that.  "All that" was since Rich was married before he had to have his papers.  Couldn't find his papers and this was about 5 days before our wedding.  Well long story short - we had the reception and only my mom knew we weren't married.  We got married a year and a month to the day we met - December 12th.  I had to kind of laugh about it a little even though it wasn't funny at the time.

I worked while Rich was away a lot in the Navy.  Right before Amy was to go to kindergarten she was "touched" by the baby sitter's teenage son. I shut down the daycare, but I had to find a new babysitter and new school.  I'm always one to find things out - sometimes unconventionally.  We decided to put Amy in a Catholic kindergarten.  I called the office and asked if they knew of a person that did babysitting - and they did!  It was a hard time because along the way I had car trouble, and also got a promotion but had to do my old job too.

That was just one block of time. It sounds really hectic and crazy and sad.  I had a lot of anger about the situation with Amy, but I didn't really have time to think about it much.  In a way I'm proud of myself because I handled it all and came through it.

I tend to say "let the past stay in the past".  Lately though situations have come up where I've had to remember the bad things in the past.  It doesn't feel good when I think about it again, but at least I get it out and out of the way.  I hold a lot in if you can't tell LOL, but I'm finally learning.  I am a little more outspoken about things.  If I don't speak up I know it'll take a toll on my body, and I can't afford that.

I used to watch "Jon & Kate plus 8" and when they said "it may be a crazy life but it's our life" - I have to giggle every time.  OK I don't have 8 kids but hey I might have a book coming out too LOL.

I hope you read some of the other babes that wrote about crisis.
I got my Free Elka mug - how about you LOL?

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