Monday, August 9, 2010

Moody Monday

Thanks Annie for putting into words what I try and tell my husband when I feel like dog you-know-what, but the next day work on crafts or my blog.  Like Annie I AM a fighter and will continue to fight.

It's really frustrating to get little chunks of time sometimes not even a whole day to feel really good to do something, anything.  I had to give up a project yesterday, which really left me defeated.  I usually say "never say never" but I don't think I'll be doing anything like that with a time line until I have a whole week where I feel good all day long.

It was hard to talk to the person that invited me to do the project.  I was thinking to myself while talking about what I'm going through "is she going to understand? will I lose the connection I have?"  I was holding up at least 3 people.  That's where the defeat and disappointment in myself came in.  I was bummed yesterday and couldn't put my frustration into words.  The only friends I have basically are online and from support groups I've been in so they usually understand what I go through every day.  Those that know me from the "craft world" well if they read my blog they'll know who I am and like me in spite of it LOL.

Today I woke up with an extremely sore neck but because of LDN (low dose naltrexone) couldn't taken anything until 9 am., 12 hours after my dose.  I'm also having some tummy trouble and some scrambled brains lol.  OK if I can't laugh I would be sitting in bed crying.  To take my mind off things I did watch Cool2Craft demonstrations - I love seeing craft demonstrations.  I have to thank Bev in FL for that.  Besides my writing it's something to look forward to every week.

OK here are some links that make me SMILE:

love his art ever since I saw it on Bethenny Getting Married? one of my guilty pleasure shows where the women don't SCREAM LOL.,29569,1999770,00.html

Time Magazine's list of best blogs of 2010 - LOVE Cake Wrecks LOL!

I heard of this but haven't seen it until now LOL


Maya said...

Hi Gerri! I love your blog and am an avid follower. I wanted to show you my appreciation for your work by passing along the Versatile Blogger Award:

Anonymous said...

Gerri, I know how disappointing it is when you can't follow through with something. Hang in there Girl, you'll get it done in your own time.

Naturally Alise said...

Glad to have found your blog!

Diane J Standiford said...

You are a better person than I! Never been good at crafty. LOL

Kym decker said...

Hello Lady!
I am so glad you stopped by my blog--I am your kindred spirit--when I read your post I felt as if you were talking about me! I have had my ups and downs for ten years now--been to many doctors--fought until I am burned out--and still kicking! I had my thyroid killed in 2000, staph infection in my lungs in 2004, depression, bronchitus and kidney issues, not to mention b-12 and low iron defiency! It's has been a long list of suffering!!

I know exactly how you feel! I do not know from one day to the next what kind of day I will have! I disappoint my husband and children so many times but I can't help that my body will not function as it has before! Sometimes the guilt is too heavy to bare--but--I do something that helps tremendously--I communicate with my children constantly and have them read health articles so they will understand my plight! Young or old, health is not something to take for granted! Children have an open mind to so many thimgs--husbands sometimes do not !! My husband did not understnad until he had to go through complete knee replacement! He "gets it" now! But my guilt never leaves--I have so many regrets! I'm here for you whenver you need a friend to lean on! I understand!

When you need me I'll be there!
Thanks, Kym