Thursday, August 5, 2010

*8 Things - The Family Cabin

Well Rachelle is taking me down memory lane again.  Things I remember from when I was young -vacations and summers spent doing different things and vacations I've taken with Rich and Amy.  Good memories.

1.  Waffles and ice cream - from the boardwalk in Wildwood NJ - some nights it would be breezy so we'd have shorts and a sweater on and that fresh made warm waffle and ice cream hit the spot.

2.  Piles of rocks and or seashells Amy would collect on our travels - she liked collecting.

3.  The laughing we did when we went to a national park and "tasted" some berries right off the bush!  A park ranger did come along and it took all I could not to giggle and see the smile on Amy's face.

4.  The whale watching trip we took in San Diego for the day.

I'd never been on a boat that size so I took Dramamine beforehand and still had some in my purse.  Good thing - Rich of all people started to get sea sick!  We had a laugh but I felt so bad for him.  Meantime Amy was running around the boat nothing bothered her.  We had a great time and saw some whales too!

Thanks Rachelle for making me remember the good times - and the good times to come with my grandkids.
this is at the Oregon Aquarium - would love to do this with Amy and the grandkids!
Crater Lake - a spot I LOVE
the redwoods - beautiful

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Diane J Standiford said...

What a fun time and great photo. I'd make it my holiday card. LOL