Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hey can you be on my team?

OK thanks to Jenni I'm working my slightly heated brain for her upcoming Blog Carnival.

When you think about teams or team mates you think of sports, or even some workplaces.  When I was in high school let's just say sports was not my thing since I was a bit klutzy back then.

I know when I've become sick my husband Rich was always there.  From pleurisy when our daughter Amy was a few months old to Hepatitis C a few years ago.  I knew though that when Rich was going through extreme depression I had to depend on others to help me understand, and counseling has helped us both.

I can call my mom - still - and talk to her about me, my behavior, my aches and pains.  I talk about Rich and his behavior, too, but the funny thing about my mom - she doesn't take sides.  Good answer, Mom!  Our (Rich and I) doctor is great.  He'll great you with a smile and a hand outstretched and even a hug every once in a while.  I have a few people from my online support groups I've been in, and it's always nice to talk about stuff other than what medications we are on and what are their side effects.

I also have friends online that know sometimes I can't get off my couch most days, and like me anyway.  My friend Bev asked if I was interested in crafts - that was one of the best days of my life.  Even though she has a brain injury and walks with a walker it doesn't take away from what a great crafter and person she is.  We chat online or on the phone - minimum time usually is an hour - and we make each other laugh.  Now that's a team mate!

I also have hope and a sense of humor on my team.  I try and make the bad times a little better and always hope that tomorrow will be better.

I hope you get to read some of my other "team mates" blogs this time around after you've read mine.

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