Thursday, July 15, 2010

*8 Things Thursday - Honoring Places

YAY it's back LOL!  I like having a "subject" and Magpie Girl didn't disappoint me since my brain is kinda muddled today.

Anyone I talk to I mention my hometown foods and where I really haven't gotten a good hoagie or cheesesteak since a shop down in San Diego owned by a South Philly native.  He even had Tasty Kakes!

OK I need to find other stuff than food in Philly LOL and here goes:

1.  Big piles of leaves in the fall and jumping in them after school.

2.  Going to the Philadelphia Zoo with Rich, and he proposed to me after we got back to my house.

3.  Driving a car the first time around Philadelphia.  I had taken public transportation when I lived there and it was nice to drive around in a rental car - even though it was frustrating (too much traffic, really rude people LOL)

4.  Seeing the movie Rocky and recognizing my neighborhood at the time.

5.  Coming back to the street I grew up on after leaving Philadelphia and seeing how SMALL it was!

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OK sorry only 5 today but of course the main memories for me are my family who are still there and my loved ones who aren't and who I learned a LOT from!

Some more fun Philly links:

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