Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"Telephone" Tuesday music I love - and other stuff as usual

OK I guess I am considered OLD by music standards but I LOVE Lady Gaga! I confess I am and never have been a dancer, but I love music that makes me WANT to dance. I love Poker Face, Just Dance and Bad Romance. I also watched an interview with her and her videos. Rich was home and said "she doesn't wear much clothes does she"? To me she's innovative, creative and very intelligent with a good voice and no voice over. I first saw her at the VMA's and didn't appreciate the blood on her nice white outfit but she grew on me LOL.

From when I listened with my mom to our tiny AM-FM radio and seeing my mom dancing and singing to the Rolling Stones, when I was around 13 years old and sang "American Woman" into my hairbrush (sister Sue was back up) - I always loved music. I remember hearing over and over West Side Story and Sound of Music before I saw the movies. It was comforting to me to see the movies and know the songs - and sing along.

I remember disco - and wanting to HATE it LOL - but I did like some of it and still do. Donna Summer, Saturday Night Fever, etc. I remember watching Michael Jackson videos when pregnant with my daughter Amy, and hoping she'd pick up my love of music. I remember listening to Right Here Waiting by Richard Marx when Rich was in the Navy. It was sappy and I missed my hubby and of course the radio kept playing it and playing it LOL. I remember winning two tickets to the circus by singing the "Good and Plenty" jingle (just in case you needed to win a contest):

I remember my daughter being embarrassed when I sang in the car, but caught her singing in the car to 80's music. To me 80's music is like "comfort food" Madonna, Foreigner, Talking Heads, The Pretenders. In the 90's I liked Nirvana, Pearl Jam and to my daughters dismay 'Nsync and Backstreet Boys.

I used to watch the MTV Video awards and Movie awards but I guess I'm getting told old for them I think LOL. I watch the Grammy's and fast forward through the parts I don't like. I do love Glee, but I still like old musicals like The King and I, Singing in the Rain, Judy Garland movies. Did you know there's going to be a sing-along "Grease"? OK I guess I'm a geek LOL - I would love to go. I had a chance to go see Rocky Horror Picture Show when I lived in Philadelphia. I didn't go and sorry I missed it. I love that there is a guide online.

I missed my polymer clay class with Linda Peterson but I will watch it when I get my supplies. She sent me an e-card which was a lovely surprise. I am so thankful to Bev from FL who introduced me to Cool2Craft on Facebook. The weekly demos are great and I learn a lot.

OK some links for you all -

search food products that are labeled if you have food allergies, need gluten free products

one of these days I'm gonna buy a nail polish someone recommends and wear it with pride!

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