Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I DO have a talent LOL

Well at least I think I do.  I have two classes with Linda Peterson tomorrow and we were told to attempt to make a bear out of polymer clay].  I usually draw stick people so I figured I'll do the best I can with it.  I looked on youtube, looked at pictures online, etc.  When I picked up the clay it was great!  I made this

plain, simple, two colors.  I'm hoping to get more detail in Linda's class to "cute" it up.  Not sure if it's a he or she yet LOL.

I thought maybe after "conditioning" the clay my hands would pay the price, but feeling good about what I've done outweighed the pain.  You will probably get sick of all my "creations" lol.

Anyway, wanted to blog about the Chronic Babe Blog Carnival.  Thank you Jenni for including my *8 Things - Passion - post in the Carnival since it is about things I'm passionate about.  I'm reading through the blogs and learning that you CAN have happiness every day even though you have a chronic illness!

One more thing to the list - polymer clay! I am just starting to learn that being a "sick person" shouldn't be first on my list.  Before I got chronically ill I was a woman, wife, mother, grandmother - and I STILL am LOL.  I was a "rose colored glasses" kind of person - maybe too much so.  I am more realistic, more honest with myself and others.  

Other things I am passionate about:

the underdog -  like "Rocky" in the movies, older contestants in Survivor like Rudy Boesch - I like rooting for the people that don't seem to have a chance to win but they try really, really hard.

spaying and neutering your dogs and cats.  I had one litter from our cat down in San Diego and we wound up with 2 of the 5 kittens our cat had.  If you don't have the money - talk to me!  Get in contact with me and we can work something out.

I am not quite P.E.T.A. passionate but I DO love animals.  I love going to zoos, aquariums, etc. but not sure if it's right to keep animals there.  I would love to swim with the dolphins - that's on my bucket list and I'll post some more of that another time.  I would love to go and see sea otters up close in Monterrey or Alaska.

I am passionate about knowledge.  I would laughingly say "ignorance is bliss" but I meant more about - gossip, drama, etc. involving other people - not ignorance about things.  I'm good at either researching online or hit and miss about equipment - I don't like reading manuals LOL.

Here are some links about other things I like - and please go and read my online friends posts about "passion" through the Blog Carnival!

tropical desktop wallpaper

love this brand of  bath wash, lotions and they have ones that are bath wash/shampoo too

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