Friday, June 25, 2010

"Fan of" Friday

I'm always coming up with ideas LOL.  I've started a Christmas ornament business and also dog grooming (no training), and they both worked well but different circumstances "closed them down".  Would I do dog grooming again?  Not really.  I love dogs but standing a lot and all the hair - no sir LOL.  Today I'm sounding like Danny Bonaduce on a bender LOL.  Allergies, sinus whatever it is.

I'm always having some kind of ideas and the internet can really help someone with disabilities.  I have several friends that are disabled and to one friend in particular I said "never say never".

Marcie Budgell told me she took pillowcases, traced coloring pages on them and colored them in for gifts.  I sent her some pillowcases . . . and a crafter is born!

Marcie was born with spina bifida and lives in Middle Arm Newfoundland Canada.  She loves her church, her family and a collection of teddy bears she has.  She LOVES doing the pillowcases and I love her work - I love the colors she's using but I bet if you needed a baby gift she can whip out the pastels!


She's had many requests for her work and I'm so glad for her.  When I talk to her on instant messenger I don't think of her as disabled.  I guess sometimes I get into the "mother" role since Amy is her age LOL.  Because of her location and disability it's hard for her to find a job.  It's always nice to do something you LOVE and get paid for it.  Of course I'm feeding her ideas LOL but I think once she gets this off the ground she's going to do great!  

this is her group on Facebook - just stop on by and request what you'd like!  She's also doing names, etc. but the basic drawing/coloring on the pillowcase is $15.00 and names, etc. will be extra.

Any other info you want to know let me know - she is just getting things set up.

I like it when someone gets excited about something - it's contagious.

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