Saturday, June 12, 2010

*8 Things - Passion you're soaking in it

I love looking each week at *8Things - it makes me think even if I don't have 8 things sometimes.

I was not one of those teenagers that screamed and went to every David Cassidy, Donny Osmond or The Monkees concerts - but I did buy all the Monkees albums LOL. I guess that made me passionate about them but only to a certain extent.

Things I am passionate about -

1. The sound and looking at the ocean. I didn't know the ocean and beach could be so beautiful until I moved to Oregon.

2. Andrea Bocelli singing Mille Lune Mille Onde - this song just gets to me LOL

3. Lobster - broiled with drawn butter to dip it in - plain and simple and ohhhh so good!

4. Beautiful colorful fabrics, quilts - and
- maybe that's why I also like stuff by Mary Engelbreit - here are some cute desktop wallpapers -

5. Dark chocolate with mint or raspberries

6. Even after 26 years I am still passionate about my husband. It's different than when we first were together and we'd look at each other and jump into bed but I still get a little thrill just sharing a kiss.

7. Not sure if it's passion but one day I'd love to see the Aurora Borealis

What are YOU passionate about?


Annie said...

Mmmm I share so many of these with you!

Dark chocolate, lobster, the ocean, nice fabrics! Wonderful!!!!

Rachelle Mee-Chapman said...

Thanks so much for playing *8Things this week!

sbrooks said...

I agree on the hubby front!! We're celebrating 26 yrs today!! DOn't know where I'd be without him!!

Dana Marton said...

I also share many of your passions--dark chocolate, the ocean, nice fabrics, and we just celebrated our 10th anniversary! Congrats!