Friday, June 25, 2010

"Fan of" Friday

I'm always coming up with ideas LOL.  I've started a Christmas ornament business and also dog grooming (no training), and they both worked well but different circumstances "closed them down".  Would I do dog grooming again?  Not really.  I love dogs but standing a lot and all the hair - no sir LOL.  Today I'm sounding like Danny Bonaduce on a bender LOL.  Allergies, sinus whatever it is.

I'm always having some kind of ideas and the internet can really help someone with disabilities.  I have several friends that are disabled and to one friend in particular I said "never say never".

Marcie Budgell told me she took pillowcases, traced coloring pages on them and colored them in for gifts.  I sent her some pillowcases . . . and a crafter is born!

Marcie was born with spina bifida and lives in Middle Arm Newfoundland Canada.  She loves her church, her family and a collection of teddy bears she has.  She LOVES doing the pillowcases and I love her work - I love the colors she's using but I bet if you needed a baby gift she can whip out the pastels!


She's had many requests for her work and I'm so glad for her.  When I talk to her on instant messenger I don't think of her as disabled.  I guess sometimes I get into the "mother" role since Amy is her age LOL.  Because of her location and disability it's hard for her to find a job.  It's always nice to do something you LOVE and get paid for it.  Of course I'm feeding her ideas LOL but I think once she gets this off the ground she's going to do great!  

this is her group on Facebook - just stop on by and request what you'd like!  She's also doing names, etc. but the basic drawing/coloring on the pillowcase is $15.00 and names, etc. will be extra.

Any other info you want to know let me know - she is just getting things set up.

I like it when someone gets excited about something - it's contagious.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

*8 Things - Celebrate the Sun!

I "borrowed" this picture LOL because I like it.  Prayer Dancing is the name of the painting and the topic came from Magpie Girl is *8 Things of course.  Monday is the beginning of the Summer Solstice and the beginning of summer.  Here in Oregon it's a joke that summer doesn't hit until around the 4th of July.  I know some of you are getting heat and humidity, but all I'm asking for is a little sun LOL.  I guess I'll have to create my own.  I have yellow clay, yellow crayons (yes I have crayons).  

Monday June 21st is the beginning of summer and the Summer Solstice.  It's interesting how this is celebrated world-wide.

OK my 8 things for celebrating the sun -

  1. going to the coast
  2. having a picnic
  3. swimming - haven't done in a long time
  4. either cutting flowers from my yard or buying them in as many colors as I can
  5. eating mango sorbet -my personal favorite
  6. buying and eating seasonal fresh fruit, veggies - corn on the cob anyone?
  7. going to the Oregon State Fair
  8. going to the World Beat Festival
The last two I haven't done in a few years but I think I might get Rich to go with me to the State Fair this year.  World Beat - been there by myself and loved all the different cultures dancing, foods and "stuff" to buy.  Now that I'm doing crafts I can find a lot of stuff to use, inspire me etc.

What are you doing to celebrate?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I DO have a talent LOL

Well at least I think I do.  I have two classes with Linda Peterson tomorrow and we were told to attempt to make a bear out of polymer clay].  I usually draw stick people so I figured I'll do the best I can with it.  I looked on youtube, looked at pictures online, etc.  When I picked up the clay it was great!  I made this

plain, simple, two colors.  I'm hoping to get more detail in Linda's class to "cute" it up.  Not sure if it's a he or she yet LOL.

I thought maybe after "conditioning" the clay my hands would pay the price, but feeling good about what I've done outweighed the pain.  You will probably get sick of all my "creations" lol.

Anyway, wanted to blog about the Chronic Babe Blog Carnival.  Thank you Jenni for including my *8 Things - Passion - post in the Carnival since it is about things I'm passionate about.  I'm reading through the blogs and learning that you CAN have happiness every day even though you have a chronic illness!

One more thing to the list - polymer clay! I am just starting to learn that being a "sick person" shouldn't be first on my list.  Before I got chronically ill I was a woman, wife, mother, grandmother - and I STILL am LOL.  I was a "rose colored glasses" kind of person - maybe too much so.  I am more realistic, more honest with myself and others.  

Other things I am passionate about:

the underdog -  like "Rocky" in the movies, older contestants in Survivor like Rudy Boesch - I like rooting for the people that don't seem to have a chance to win but they try really, really hard.

spaying and neutering your dogs and cats.  I had one litter from our cat down in San Diego and we wound up with 2 of the 5 kittens our cat had.  If you don't have the money - talk to me!  Get in contact with me and we can work something out.

I am not quite P.E.T.A. passionate but I DO love animals.  I love going to zoos, aquariums, etc. but not sure if it's right to keep animals there.  I would love to swim with the dolphins - that's on my bucket list and I'll post some more of that another time.  I would love to go and see sea otters up close in Monterrey or Alaska.

I am passionate about knowledge.  I would laughingly say "ignorance is bliss" but I meant more about - gossip, drama, etc. involving other people - not ignorance about things.  I'm good at either researching online or hit and miss about equipment - I don't like reading manuals LOL.

Here are some links about other things I like - and please go and read my online friends posts about "passion" through the Blog Carnival!

tropical desktop wallpaper

love this brand of  bath wash, lotions and they have ones that are bath wash/shampoo too

Saturday, June 12, 2010

*8 Things - Passion you're soaking in it

I love looking each week at *8Things - it makes me think even if I don't have 8 things sometimes.

I was not one of those teenagers that screamed and went to every David Cassidy, Donny Osmond or The Monkees concerts - but I did buy all the Monkees albums LOL. I guess that made me passionate about them but only to a certain extent.

Things I am passionate about -

1. The sound and looking at the ocean. I didn't know the ocean and beach could be so beautiful until I moved to Oregon.

2. Andrea Bocelli singing Mille Lune Mille Onde - this song just gets to me LOL

3. Lobster - broiled with drawn butter to dip it in - plain and simple and ohhhh so good!

4. Beautiful colorful fabrics, quilts - and
- maybe that's why I also like stuff by Mary Engelbreit - here are some cute desktop wallpapers -

5. Dark chocolate with mint or raspberries

6. Even after 26 years I am still passionate about my husband. It's different than when we first were together and we'd look at each other and jump into bed but I still get a little thrill just sharing a kiss.

7. Not sure if it's passion but one day I'd love to see the Aurora Borealis

What are YOU passionate about?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

. . . it just keeps getting weirder and weirder

I get a call from my mom last night. Her friend's brother is a retired police officer (as was my father) and he told her that Jerry Lang had died. My mom knew I was pretty good at finding out things on the Internet, so I started to look. I've never paid money at those search for someone sites and didn't think I would this time. I did sign up with though since I was going to try my hand at doing a family tree.

When my mom called I was a bit shook up even though I kept telling myself it doesn't matter if he was dead or not. I haven't seen my father in 20 something years. Even when I did see him I had friendlier conversations with my mail carrier. It was weird looking at addresses he lived at and the only one I recognized was my grandmothers house. I remember him living there, painting in my grandmothers basement. He was a talented artist that's about the only good thing I can say about him. There were also records where it showed he was born 2 years later than he actually was - another thing for me not to like about him. OK I am pretty much done. I did see he died October 21, 2009 and no one bothered to call my sister or mother. My mom is in the phone book, has been since she's had a phone. It seems like some things in my life that should be normal (like getting word your father has died) are messed up. It kind of makes me laugh in a way but it's sad too.

Like I told an online friend of mine - you can't pick your family. You can think about all the GOOD things in your life and that's just what I'm going to do.

Here are some free people search sites for my links today:

This last one gave me the creeps a little.

I PROMISE you the next post will be a little more lighthearted!

Friday, June 4, 2010

*8 things Thur erhm Friday - Fill 'er up

OK due to some family "drama" (long story as usual) I totally forgot 8 things Thursday so I might have to make it 8 things Friday - or Saturday, etc.

This week Magpie Girl challenged up to find things that will fill us up - physically, emotionally, spiritually - you get the idea.  Here's my list:

1. LESS time online -  I think I need to "schedule" online and offline time.  I spend too much time online just piddling around doing nothing.

2. MORE vegetables and fruits - I like most of both I just need to eat more.

3. LESS time indoors and MORE time outside - even to sit in the yard when it's sunny outside.  I think we all need a little Vitamin D now and then.  Either that or maybe a tanning bed?

4. MORE creative time and LESS TV time - I can definitely use that, need that and can do it in the afternoons (see #1 LOL).  Taking some polymer clay classes through Linda Peterson again

What do YOU need more or less of to fill you up?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"Telephone" Tuesday music I love - and other stuff as usual

OK I guess I am considered OLD by music standards but I LOVE Lady Gaga! I confess I am and never have been a dancer, but I love music that makes me WANT to dance. I love Poker Face, Just Dance and Bad Romance. I also watched an interview with her and her videos. Rich was home and said "she doesn't wear much clothes does she"? To me she's innovative, creative and very intelligent with a good voice and no voice over. I first saw her at the VMA's and didn't appreciate the blood on her nice white outfit but she grew on me LOL.

From when I listened with my mom to our tiny AM-FM radio and seeing my mom dancing and singing to the Rolling Stones, when I was around 13 years old and sang "American Woman" into my hairbrush (sister Sue was back up) - I always loved music. I remember hearing over and over West Side Story and Sound of Music before I saw the movies. It was comforting to me to see the movies and know the songs - and sing along.

I remember disco - and wanting to HATE it LOL - but I did like some of it and still do. Donna Summer, Saturday Night Fever, etc. I remember watching Michael Jackson videos when pregnant with my daughter Amy, and hoping she'd pick up my love of music. I remember listening to Right Here Waiting by Richard Marx when Rich was in the Navy. It was sappy and I missed my hubby and of course the radio kept playing it and playing it LOL. I remember winning two tickets to the circus by singing the "Good and Plenty" jingle (just in case you needed to win a contest):

I remember my daughter being embarrassed when I sang in the car, but caught her singing in the car to 80's music. To me 80's music is like "comfort food" Madonna, Foreigner, Talking Heads, The Pretenders. In the 90's I liked Nirvana, Pearl Jam and to my daughters dismay 'Nsync and Backstreet Boys.

I used to watch the MTV Video awards and Movie awards but I guess I'm getting told old for them I think LOL. I watch the Grammy's and fast forward through the parts I don't like. I do love Glee, but I still like old musicals like The King and I, Singing in the Rain, Judy Garland movies. Did you know there's going to be a sing-along "Grease"? OK I guess I'm a geek LOL - I would love to go. I had a chance to go see Rocky Horror Picture Show when I lived in Philadelphia. I didn't go and sorry I missed it. I love that there is a guide online.

I missed my polymer clay class with Linda Peterson but I will watch it when I get my supplies. She sent me an e-card which was a lovely surprise. I am so thankful to Bev from FL who introduced me to Cool2Craft on Facebook. The weekly demos are great and I learn a lot.

OK some links for you all -

search food products that are labeled if you have food allergies, need gluten free products
one of these days I'm gonna buy a nail polish someone recommends and wear it with pride!