Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Never Say Never

OK you know when you say "I'll never do . . . " and God laughs?  Well I was watching "Julie & Julia" about 2 weeks ago and when Julie wrote in her blog about the fight with her husband I said "Oh wow I'd never do that" when Rich was watching with me for a bit.  Well I did it yesterday.  I didn't quite tell everything.  I keep things inside and try and forget them and they come welling up when things like this happen.  I don't know whether I expected people reading this to help me or what but I guess at the time it felt good "talking" about it.

If anyone has a spouse with both PTSD and ADD it's difficult at times.  I have gotten used to some things, but like with fibromyalgia there is always something that comes up that's unexpected.  He suppresses more than I do and  I just don't want to go backwards as far as suppressing MY feelings and walking on eggshells.  Thank God for our therapist LOL.

Anyway on Thursday I will be posting *8Things - but I might be going out of order LOL.  I found this link through Dayna Collins' blog and it sounds like a good idea to me.  Also got an e-mail from an old friend Bobbie yesterday - I am doing a block swap!  Not sure how it's going to go but it will be fun I'm sure.

Can't help it but have to post my ray of sunshine in a cloudy day - got this picture from my daughter

and can't help but smile!

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