Sunday, May 23, 2010

Movie, Mad and My Name is Mud Monday

I just saw on Facebook that a Chronic Babe and a blog I follow has posted for Monday

Believe it or not Andrea you inspire me. When I saw your post on Facebook that you'd done a blog entry it got me thinking. I will try to post according to the day of the week and this post will be about a movie or movies I've seen lately. Maybe I can get some of my readers to tell me movies they've seen lately.

One thing about movies - I haven't been in a movie theater for YEARS. Rich doesn't like movie theaters so it's either go by myself or feel good enough to ask someone to go with me. It's ok though - I like watching DVD's at home and Netflix is a pretty good deal.

Also it's Mad My Name is Mud because well Rich and I (well Rich) had a fight. Got up this morning and Rich was very quiet. He put on his work boots and all hell broke loose. He started talking to me about my betraying him AGAIN. Why oh why do we have to fight about MONEY? And adult children? I sent money to my daughter without telling him first because otherwise she would have to steal FOOD to eat and doesn't want to get in any trouble. I know he's not feeling well but to bombard me first thing in the morning. With the meds and sleep number bed and nice pillow you think I'd wake up bright and cheery but NO - I am stiff and sore and don't want to deal with anything at least 2 hours after I wake up. He said things that were hurtful and man I had a lot of ammunition myself but did not use it. We are going to see the counselor jointly on Wednesday. I hope we can get this straightened out. I feel helpless at times because I don't work and really can't work. I've worked for over 30 years and now that I don't work I feel like a child sometimes asking for money. It sucks sometimes to have a chronic illness. You think it would be better after a few years but it's not. It's also hard having a husband with ADD and PTSD - it's just hard.

The movie part - saw Avatar last night. I think that would be a cool movie on a BIG screen. I loved the movie, the colors, the story. Hopefully we will be watching UP sometime this week. I started to watch it this morning and said I'd save it for us to watch. Also I have My Sister's Keeper on the DVR. Read the book, heard the ending was changed. The ending was a shocker and I had my mouth wide open LOL.

I want to hear from my readers - favorite movies, thoughts on chronic illness? I guess when I'm troubled I feel like no one wants to hear it or I try to cover it up with jokes, etc.

OK I'll post some pictures/links:

My grandson Brandon is on the right, little London is in the middle, and Brandon's cousin/brother James is on the left. Sweet little boys!

Brandon, Amy and London last weekend.

Amy is getting to spend more time with her son Brandon. I hope she can get to see Zoey also - a girl need her mom. Amy's situation isn't a good one but I have hope.

Went to craft demos today to take my mind off things -
now I want "style stones" and buttons to make cute little doodads -

very interesting links - Fair Trade, dolls of color

the best free cultural and educational media on the web - I listened to some free music!

all things GLEE (one of my favorite shows this year)

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