Friday, May 21, 2010

Adventures of a Craft Virgin - and other things going on this week

I'm not sure whether it's a symptom of my late diagnosed ADD or just pain ditsy-ness but I have a reputation for not finishing some projects. While others talk about their "craft rooms" or "studios" I have a sort of TV table and two paper bags full of "stuff". I've taken an Artist's Way class with Dayna Collins and a bunch of really great women. I drew stick figures for people and made a clay creation that any 4 year old like my grandson Brandon would go "how pretty Grandmom". I have done a needlepoint picture for my grandmother when I was about 10 years old, who hung it up proudly in her kitchen for years. I have crocheted and gifted afghans for several women who were having babies.

I see all kinds of classes through Dayna, but I don't want to sign up and not be able to get there. Every time a class came up I felt discouraged because I know I'd be missing out on a great time. I'm hoping one of these day that I CAN get to a class by Dayna or something from all the other e-mail newsletters I get from classes in Salem.

Thank goodness I found an alternative! Linda Peterson, of CraftechUniversity, held her first class yesterday. It was called "Friendly Plastic - Fusion Illusion". Friendly Plastic can be heated and molded to make jewelry and a lot of other things I'm still exploring thanks to Google. I went to a Meet and Greet to figure out how the classroom was going to work. The teacher and the students all are seen and heard on webcam and audio. I've had a webcam for a while and the one in the laptop came with the laptop. I don't like using it LOL because I'd have to comb my hair and put my "flipper" in where I lost a tooth up front. Nice visual, eh? Anyway the class was early for me and I looked like one of the vamps from Twilight - I prefer True Blood thankyouverymuch LOL. Loved the class and made a "pendant" but I'm going to play around some more and make a better pendant. I did play around a little yesterday afternoon - and set off our smoke alarm! Fun times.

I'm going to take another class from Linda involving polymer clay - it should be fun. Also I've signed up for a Textures class involving stencils with Tiffany Windsor. I can finally put some pretty stencils on our bedroom wall. I wanted to when Rich first painted it a calming green color. I wanted either fern leaves or palm leaves. The stencils from the class will be looking great on our walls.

I can't believe a lot of my favorite shows have had their season finales already! I'm glad I have a DVR because my heart was pounding after the first few minutes of Grey's Anatomy. I watched it Friday morning otherwise I probably wouldn't have slept Thursday night LOL. This show never disappoints me (except when they killed off George). Private Practice, CSI, Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters were all good - at least to me.

Here are some links - enjoy:

Have some fun drawing - this reminds me of Paint Shop Pro

If Shoes Could Kill - and man these would be murder on my feet LOL

Recycled jewelry - pretty cool at least I think so


Anonymous said...

Gerri, I'm glad that we 'friended' on FB or I probably would never have gotten to read your blog post. (giggles) I agree about the class, Linda is an excellent instructor. I also have signed up for the polymer clay class. Thursday was the first class that I have ever taken concerning crafts of any sort. I am self taught or "A student of the school of life and necessity". 'til next time, Pat.

Linda Peterson Designs said...

I really enjoyed this post and getting to know you better. I think we should make it mandatory that when you come to CrafTECH U craft in your jammies!!! Thanks for joining all of us!

Hugs, Linda