Sunday, February 14, 2010

What should I write about?

I know my previous blogging has been mostly about what's going on in my life. Right now not much is going on LOL. I figured you all didn't want to hear about a woman sitting on the couch most days in pain from fibromyalgia and arthritis. I want to help people, reach out to people. I would love to write about something uplifting and not my illness. My husband suggested PTSD but that's another deep, deep subject that he suffers from and it was just diagnosed about 4 years ago after serving in the Navy in Viet Nam.

Do you like reading about my random life? Or maybe once or twice a week I can write about a particular subject? I also like humor and right now even though I'm a positive thinking person it's rare that I've laughed or smiled lately. I know once my daughter and grandson come to live with us it's going to be a different life for me.

Just to catch you all up since I came home from Arizona. I finally got a notice for my hearing for SSDI. My lawyer warned me the judge was not pleasant so I guess I wouldn't be surprised. The whole process is awful - at least it was for me. I guess I just counted too much on the money and the powers that be said "whoa you aren't going to get your money THAT easily!" I am not giving up on this - that's what they want you to do. My grandson is a beautiful, smart baby. My daughter is growing up and London's dad is not - plain and simple. He doesn't work and doesn't want to watch the baby while Amy works. I'll be so glad for her to come up here for her new life. It will be my new life also.

I do want to do some art classes but money has been tight caring for two households. I am following Jody Bergsma's blog and she's giving lessons on painting and this caught my eye lately:

Sea otters! OMG~So playful and cute and I wrote Jody and let her know that I have about 5-6 items of hers LOL. I am going to try this for sure.

As usual I am enjoying Dayna Collin's artistic endeavors. I hope to re-connect taking a class soon. Love you Dayna!

I also contacted Bonnie King of to find out if they needed help from someone that cannot always come into an office, but I can do plenty on the computer. I might be helping out volunteering helping with their calendar. I am happy to be doing something.

Til next time . . .