Wednesday, July 29, 2009

CED - Self

I guess this month I've been avoiding the topic of Self. I am still discovering things about myself at 51. You think by this age you'd say OK I'm grown, don't worry about what other people think, etc. I have gotten to that point at least thank God. I am learning to be a better mother of a 24 year old, a better sister. I talked to my sister the other day and it was nice. I hope we can continue to keep up communication.

OK the squirrel LOL. That poor thing was in our tree in the front of our house where it's nice and shady. I grabbed the camera and took this. Rich and I stood there and he didn't move an inch LOL. It's been 106 and it was even around 100 when we went to sleep yesterday and expected to be 107 today! I woke up sweaty UGH. I like the heat - it's good for me - but the humidity gives me a headache. I remember growing up in Philly and playing and swimming in the summer in the heat and humidity and not minding it a bit.

Man I'm getting old LOL.

Links for today:
didn't know they had farmers markets down in southeast AZ (hopefully our future home after retirement)
saw this on GMA this morning and yes I do like celebrity gossip LOL
even though I'm not a parent of small kids I am a grandparent
I love the one-eyed squint LOL


Dayna Collins said...

The squirrel photo is priceless!

Bobbie said...

That squirrel has to be awfully tired by now!! I need a new post!!!!

Salem Oregon Real Estate Homes4U said...

Love the photo of the squirrel, and also the thought that 50 is the new 40. That means 40 is the new 30, and since I sit close to the middle of that...I am 33-LOL