Tuesday, June 9, 2009

You Can't tell a book by Their Cover

If you saw me you'd say "I can't see her rockin' out to anything" LOL. I'm not a heavy metal or hair band lover but I do love rock. One of my "creations" in Paint Shop Pro (they are called "tags" in the PSP groups I'm in) is one of my favorites. I also requested this one from a Pink song

I like listening to kick ass rock of Pat Bentar, Joan Jett, etc. It gets me up and dancing. Yes I dance in the living room by myself when I'm in the mood LOL. I did dance around this morning to Pink's So What

I have my soft side too. More on that later.

Some links for you all today:
I LOVE the sound of the ocean and waterfalls - it relaxes me

one of my favorite radio stations

another favorite radio station

this is pretty cool - matches your style and sends you where to buy

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Dayna Collins said...

You little vixen! There is obviously a lot I don't know about you. I love the idea of you dancing in your living room. Rock on, Gerri!