Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Sound of Laughter

I was invited to an Artist's Way Reunion up in Portland yesterday. Dayna has done 4 classes and invited all the "graduates" for an afternoon of fun & laughter. Everyone brought some yummy food and I met 3 women I hadn't met yet from previous classes (I was in #4). We are in an e-mail check-in type group and it was nice putting a face to a name.

I had never gone up to Portland myself and it was an "adventure" LOL. I parked in a lot where when I left the gate was closed! Thank goodness for that chef I talked to - he found the keeper of the gate key LOL. I didn't get home until around 10:15 pm. I am going to take my friend Bobbie up on her offer of showing me around Portland one of these days. It's similar to Philadelphia where I was born and raised. It's divided into different neighborhoods. I recognized Chinatown but the others I had not been to. I was nervous because I didn't know where I was LOL but at the same time I liked the smells, sounds and sights of the different spots.

I had a great day but today as usual I'm "paying" for it - muscle aches and pains, etc. but I do smile when I think about the time spent with all the phenomenal women.

love the "sweater" cake LOL

this is sweet!

I love this old Bill Cosby routine about "breakfast for the children"

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Dayna Collins said...

Oh Gerri! I had no idea about the locked gate . . . so sorry! I am happy you made the trip and drove to the big city by yourself - that takes courage and I recognize that. It was certainly an inspiring way to spend the afternoon and evening.