Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Follow that sound . . .

I just saw the second season opener of The Cleaner. I love it all the more because it's based on a real life person, Warren Boyd - an "extreme" interventionist. Benjamin Bratt - I've got a huge crush on him and yes he's a good actor also. Whoopi Goldberg still astounds me. I see her as referee on The View sighing or making a face when the others are cackling too loud LOL but she kicks ass as an actress still.

Thank goodness for our DVR but I did get sucked up in the media coverage of the deaths of Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. I wrote about it on Myspace:

I didn't know either Farrah Fawcett or Michael Jackson but I knew OF them. The media can be really cruel but talent still shines through. I watched the fluffy Charlie's Angels and the gripping Extremities and the "reality" of Chasing Farrah and the brave fighting of cancer in the NBC documentary. It tore my heart out to see her son get out of jail and he got into bed with her to hold her after he said "Mommy, it's Red". Yesterday morning I was expecting the news but ever positive she would hold on and fight it. I shed some more tears today thinking about her son getting the news of his mother's death in jail. It was good to hear my daughter's voice today and to tell her I loved her, to hug my husband. Then later on the same day the shock of Michael Jackson's death.

I just read Lisa Marie Presley's blog saying how she thought she could "save" him like all or almost all women think they can do with the men they love. I read about his feeling more comfortable on stage because he felt loved there. He only knew the stage since 5 years old and off stage was pain - physical, verbal, maybe even sexual abuse. He was forever a Peter Pan. I can't believe he was one year and one day younger than myself. I feel bad for his children who are possibly going to be caught in a tug of war. I was heartbroken when the allegations of sexual abuse from him to some young boys was brought out. His talent came at a price. If he was not "perfect" he would be beaten with a belt so he learned his and all his brothers music just in case. So sad.I have good memories of Michael's music though.

First song I saw as a video was "Beat It" when I was pregnant with Amy. I would watch MTV on Friday nights when my husband worked. I remember the Jackson 5 when I was younger and listen to all that music even today.

Farrah and Michael - rest in peace, you are no longer in pain.

That being said - I'm going to enjoy today because it's supposed to be beautiful here in Salem.
found this through a blog I follow - maybe I can visit the Magic Gardens next time I visit home.
ok so I'm a closet glitter queen LOL

Have a beautiful day and tell at least 3 people you love them!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Sound of Laughter

I was invited to an Artist's Way Reunion up in Portland yesterday. Dayna has done 4 classes and invited all the "graduates" for an afternoon of fun & laughter. Everyone brought some yummy food and I met 3 women I hadn't met yet from previous classes (I was in #4). We are in an e-mail check-in type group and it was nice putting a face to a name.

I had never gone up to Portland myself and it was an "adventure" LOL. I parked in a lot where when I left the gate was closed! Thank goodness for that chef I talked to - he found the keeper of the gate key LOL. I didn't get home until around 10:15 pm. I am going to take my friend Bobbie up on her offer of showing me around Portland one of these days. It's similar to Philadelphia where I was born and raised. It's divided into different neighborhoods. I recognized Chinatown but the others I had not been to. I was nervous because I didn't know where I was LOL but at the same time I liked the smells, sounds and sights of the different spots.

I had a great day but today as usual I'm "paying" for it - muscle aches and pains, etc. but I do smile when I think about the time spent with all the phenomenal women.

love the "sweater" cake LOL

this is sweet!

I love this old Bill Cosby routine about "breakfast for the children"

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

You Can't tell a book by Their Cover

If you saw me you'd say "I can't see her rockin' out to anything" LOL. I'm not a heavy metal or hair band lover but I do love rock. One of my "creations" in Paint Shop Pro (they are called "tags" in the PSP groups I'm in) is one of my favorites. I also requested this one from a Pink song

I like listening to kick ass rock of Pat Bentar, Joan Jett, etc. It gets me up and dancing. Yes I dance in the living room by myself when I'm in the mood LOL. I did dance around this morning to Pink's So What

I have my soft side too. More on that later.

Some links for you all today:
I LOVE the sound of the ocean and waterfalls - it relaxes me

one of my favorite radio stations

another favorite radio station

this is pretty cool - matches your style and sends you where to buy

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Sound of Silence

OK I messed up LOL.

June's Creative Every Day is "sound" and I posted yet again on nature. Oh well LOL.

Right now it is silent here. I turned off the music & TV. Sometimes though silence to me means being alone, but silence can be good to gather your thoughts. When I was studying for school I had to have no distractions. I needed quiet - silence.

When I write though I need some music - it motivates me. Same with creating some in Paint Shop Pro. I remember when I used to do my homework when I was younger I'd have the radio on.

I associate happy times with music - weddings, my mom singing along to music on the AM radio we had. Our wedding reception. Me singing along to music in the car and my daughter telling me "Mom stop it!" LOL but now SHE does it!

LOVE this link I found this morning:

I think I'm gonna love this months posting!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mother Nature

I was trying to find a good picture of some lightning. This isn't outside my back or front window but it will do. The storm Thursday came up suddenly - at least to me. I'm not a "storm watcher". I'm the one sitting inside thinking "please don't let the lights go out" LOL. You don't see too many storms here in Salem. Our dogs who bark at just about anything slept right through it.

We had lots of storms in the summer in Philadelphia, where I was born and raised. They'd come and go quickly, and sometimes it was fun seeing the lightning in the sky. I just wanted to go back outside and play. Sometimes I didn't even wait - I'd go out in the rain in my bathing suit.

I would do that now except when it rains here it's usually not that warm and people would look at me funny LOL. But you know what? I think I'm at the age where I don't give a damn. That's right. Even though I'd be hanging out all over the place with my black one piece suit if I had my grandkids here and they wanted to go out and play in the rain I'd do it. It just doesn't look right by myself ya know?

Links for today:

caution for those that don't like rats LOL. We had a few pet rats and I think they are pretty intelligent but other people I know have different opinions

for those that don't have Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro here's an online photo painting tool which uses the colors of an image to paint - have fun!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Where to find local strawberries in Salem OR

This is for Rebekah - she asked me about where to find local farms and/or u-pick. Hubby got the strawberries I posted about at EZ Orchards but I found this other site on u-picks, farms, tc.

I know Olson's has beautiful fruit and they have u-pick also.

It's best to call these places before you go or check out the websites.

I've never picked fruit on a farm. I did go to an unnamed park with hubby and our daughter Amy when she was younger and picked blackberries. We would look around occasionally but boy was it fun LOL. We were also in a national park and picked salmon berries I think it was. Never tried them before but it was fun eating right off the bush. Nothing like it!