Sunday, May 31, 2009


Local Oregon strawberries. Can't believe they are out already. Usually when I cut them I have to take some off the sides, etc. but these babies I just cut the tops off or ate them right out of the container LOL. Beautiful - and naturally sweet too. I also love eating them with some angel food cake - yummy!

This to me means a part of nature. Beautiful fruit and vegetables that tastes good. One time I was out in the woods and saw some mountain strawberries. I took them and grew them in a big container in our yard. I didn't think any would grow but we had a few come out and they were pretty good.

I remember in my grandmother's yard. She had a peach tree and I couldn't wait to eat them right off the tree. She also made a peach custard dish that I can still taste - it reminds me of summer. Also she made peach ice cream - it was to die for!

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Salem Man said...

my strawberry plants are huge this year. Can't wait for the strawberries to ripen.

Rebekah said...

Do you know of a good place to get local strawberries straight from the farm? Maybe even U-pick? I'd like to get a lot and freeze them this year.

Dayna Collins said...

The berries look deeelishious! Makes me want to get myself down to Wednesday Market (early) to get me some.