Monday, May 4, 2009

Paint Shop Pro

I haven't done anything (except maybe edit some photos) in PSP for a long while. I saw some posts by my AW fearless leader Dayna and her friend Shelby who took some photos. I saw the similarity to "blends" in PSP and thought I'd pull out this old "tag" I made. I like this sort of thing and it kind of reminds me of a t-shirt I have with layers of writing, etc.
Dayna - I think you've inspired me for the day! Stay tuned for some of my "experimenting" LOL.
It's a gray day outside but I'm cranking up the music, gathering some images and creating something.
Some links for you today:
some cute kitties
I ADORE this video - so uplifting


Bobbie said...

Very very cool!!!! Another hidden talent - just how many do you have?!

Dayna Collins said...

So glad Shelby's photos have inspired you to play with some photos. You do have a lot of hidden talents!