Saturday, May 2, 2009

I need gardening help!

I love our yard, but didn't really pay too much attention until after I retired. I love flowers and seeing them grow and all the colors - beautiful sight. I remember helping my grandmother plant flowers in our yard back home in Philly. We went from a tiny cement yard to a beautiful yard with lots of plants (mostly iris) and an in ground pool. We pulled a lot of iris out and put roses and other flowers in.

Anyway, Rich didn't want to plant too much into the ground here since he said "we are only renting". Well 15 years later LOL we are still here. We did try vegetables in containers but failed miserably. I didn't get enough information about growing them and keeping them growing. We did have some nice half barrels though for the next year - bulbs. Another bust. I did do good with herbs but this past winter pretty much wiped them out. I loved using dill with salmon, oregano and thyme in tomato sauce - made it taste home made. I love fuchsias and we grew some of those but 3 out of 4 didn't make it (we think). I do love these little flowers and I planted about 3 different bunches throughout the yard

I am going to try again. If anything I am persistent LOL.

Tomorrow a Spiritual Journaling class - sounds like fun!

This is a hoot (well to me anyway)

found this after looking up "Salem blogs"

I thought this was a pretty cool idea!

and finally I am a cornball LOL - the calls to Moe's from The Simpson's TV show

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