Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

To all my friends out there of two legged or four legged "children". It's a not so sunny day today but I was out most of the day yesterday. Went to Lifesource where they had all kinds of goodies out and got some things. Man it was crowded - like no one eats in this town LOL.

Our azaleas are starting to bloom and that makes me happy. They were one of my grandmother's favorite flowers. She had all kinds of colors in her yard but I've never seen one like the one we have:

I got a text from my granddaughter Zoey's stepmother Christene and I called her back. I talked to Zoey - such a sweetheart. Also my mom called and my sister was taking her out to dinner. I hope she has a great time after all the rainy days that have been in Philly lately.

My mother is amazing. Single mom for so long and dealing with an alcoholic Alzheimer's fiance for 25 years. My mom doesn't have a computer but I wouldn't write anything here I wouldn't say to her face. She grew up with us kids. She was 18 when she had me. I remember her dancing to the Rolling Stones on our little AM radio. I remember when I was around 21 and we had a house party and she drank from a beer mug. She almost became a go-go dancer back in the day (the 60's).

I love you Mom.

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gogouci said...

Hope your day was a great one.