Friday, May 8, 2009

A great Spring Day and TGIF!

Aren't they sweet?

I love it when Rich comes home from work and says "I saw some mamma ducks sitting on nests". This year he saw about three of them - mom & dad hovering and sitting on the nest. A few days ago he took his camera in and took pictures of the fuzzy new arrivals.

I want to try my hand and planting some veggies! A great lady from the Arist's Way (she was also in the Altered Book exchange) gave me some great hints about planting veggies. Thank you Laura.

I feel really energetic today. Maybe it's the d-ribose my naturopath gave me or the sun is out but boy do I feel good today! Drinking it in water also cut down on eating this morning. Going to take another dose before lunch.

My friend Bobbie is in Greece right now. I bet it's beautiful there. I'm a Travel Channel junkie LOL. I hope there will be pictures *HINT *HINT LOL. I'm hoping by the time she gets back I'll have tons of energy and I'll be able to get out with her on an Artist's Date.
OK some links for today:

These little devils come right up on the kayak! Think I need to make a trip to where they are LOL:

last minute Mother's Day gifts - some books you can even buy for yourself!


gogouci said...

I haven't seen too many proud parent geese yet. I'm looking though.

Bobbie said...

I'm back and yes...ready for an AW date!!