Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Beautiful Day

I took a picture of some beautiful flowers in our yard and tried to do something "arty" with it LOL. I have Paint Shop Pro where you can add layers and do different effects to photos.

Here's the untouched photo

I need to pull out some of the filters, brushes, etc. I have for PSP and use them to create my own nature .

I love taking pictures so I'm taking my camera when I go out today and see what I can find. Weather is beautiful and that's a plus.

So for the remaining days in May I'm going to post links about Nature:

Beautiful pictures of Yosemite

OK this is a stretch LOL but aren't they cute!

using Nature as power

I've always liked the sound of the ocean to relax (that's for another day) but this is nice too.

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Bobbie said...

Your pics are beautimous and I want to hear about your acupuncture!! I'm thinkin' we need an AW date!