Sunday, May 31, 2009


Local Oregon strawberries. Can't believe they are out already. Usually when I cut them I have to take some off the sides, etc. but these babies I just cut the tops off or ate them right out of the container LOL. Beautiful - and naturally sweet too. I also love eating them with some angel food cake - yummy!

This to me means a part of nature. Beautiful fruit and vegetables that tastes good. One time I was out in the woods and saw some mountain strawberries. I took them and grew them in a big container in our yard. I didn't think any would grow but we had a few come out and they were pretty good.

I remember in my grandmother's yard. She had a peach tree and I couldn't wait to eat them right off the tree. She also made a peach custard dish that I can still taste - it reminds me of summer. Also she made peach ice cream - it was to die for!

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Beautiful Day

I took a picture of some beautiful flowers in our yard and tried to do something "arty" with it LOL. I have Paint Shop Pro where you can add layers and do different effects to photos.

Here's the untouched photo

I need to pull out some of the filters, brushes, etc. I have for PSP and use them to create my own nature .

I love taking pictures so I'm taking my camera when I go out today and see what I can find. Weather is beautiful and that's a plus.

So for the remaining days in May I'm going to post links about Nature:

Beautiful pictures of Yosemite

OK this is a stretch LOL but aren't they cute!

using Nature as power

I've always liked the sound of the ocean to relax (that's for another day) but this is nice too.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Creative Every Day 2009

I am joining up Creative Every Day. Okay so it's May already LOL but I need to focus my writing in a certain direction and this will be it.

This month's theme is Nature - one of my favorites! As a born city gal I love that I live in the Pacific Northwest - plenty of nature here. Lots of green and flowers, coast and mountains.

Tomorrow I will be posting some pictures and some links.

Friday, May 15, 2009

I got acupucture - and I feel good!

I can't believe it worked for me the first time LOL. There's a free pain clinic using acupuncture (thank you Dawn K.!) and pain I've been feeling in my neck, the popping and cracking when I turn it is gone for now. I went in because of pain in my legs, but with fibromyalgia you have pain everywhere, just sometimes some spots are more so. I couldn't believe I could move my neck without it hurting.

I'm watching the season finale of Grey's Anatomy and then I'm going to sit out in the sunshine and enjoy it!

Interesting (to me anyway) links for today:

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I collect sea otters LOL

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

To all my friends out there of two legged or four legged "children". It's a not so sunny day today but I was out most of the day yesterday. Went to Lifesource where they had all kinds of goodies out and got some things. Man it was crowded - like no one eats in this town LOL.

Our azaleas are starting to bloom and that makes me happy. They were one of my grandmother's favorite flowers. She had all kinds of colors in her yard but I've never seen one like the one we have:

I got a text from my granddaughter Zoey's stepmother Christene and I called her back. I talked to Zoey - such a sweetheart. Also my mom called and my sister was taking her out to dinner. I hope she has a great time after all the rainy days that have been in Philly lately.

My mother is amazing. Single mom for so long and dealing with an alcoholic Alzheimer's fiance for 25 years. My mom doesn't have a computer but I wouldn't write anything here I wouldn't say to her face. She grew up with us kids. She was 18 when she had me. I remember her dancing to the Rolling Stones on our little AM radio. I remember when I was around 21 and we had a house party and she drank from a beer mug. She almost became a go-go dancer back in the day (the 60's).

I love you Mom.

Friday, May 8, 2009

A great Spring Day and TGIF!

Aren't they sweet?

I love it when Rich comes home from work and says "I saw some mamma ducks sitting on nests". This year he saw about three of them - mom & dad hovering and sitting on the nest. A few days ago he took his camera in and took pictures of the fuzzy new arrivals.

I want to try my hand and planting some veggies! A great lady from the Arist's Way (she was also in the Altered Book exchange) gave me some great hints about planting veggies. Thank you Laura.

I feel really energetic today. Maybe it's the d-ribose my naturopath gave me or the sun is out but boy do I feel good today! Drinking it in water also cut down on eating this morning. Going to take another dose before lunch.

My friend Bobbie is in Greece right now. I bet it's beautiful there. I'm a Travel Channel junkie LOL. I hope there will be pictures *HINT *HINT LOL. I'm hoping by the time she gets back I'll have tons of energy and I'll be able to get out with her on an Artist's Date.
OK some links for today:

These little devils come right up on the kayak! Think I need to make a trip to where they are LOL:

last minute Mother's Day gifts - some books you can even buy for yourself!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Paint Shop Pro

I haven't done anything (except maybe edit some photos) in PSP for a long while. I saw some posts by my AW fearless leader Dayna and her friend Shelby who took some photos. I saw the similarity to "blends" in PSP and thought I'd pull out this old "tag" I made. I like this sort of thing and it kind of reminds me of a t-shirt I have with layers of writing, etc.
Dayna - I think you've inspired me for the day! Stay tuned for some of my "experimenting" LOL.
It's a gray day outside but I'm cranking up the music, gathering some images and creating something.
Some links for you today:
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Saturday, May 2, 2009

I need gardening help!

I love our yard, but didn't really pay too much attention until after I retired. I love flowers and seeing them grow and all the colors - beautiful sight. I remember helping my grandmother plant flowers in our yard back home in Philly. We went from a tiny cement yard to a beautiful yard with lots of plants (mostly iris) and an in ground pool. We pulled a lot of iris out and put roses and other flowers in.

Anyway, Rich didn't want to plant too much into the ground here since he said "we are only renting". Well 15 years later LOL we are still here. We did try vegetables in containers but failed miserably. I didn't get enough information about growing them and keeping them growing. We did have some nice half barrels though for the next year - bulbs. Another bust. I did do good with herbs but this past winter pretty much wiped them out. I loved using dill with salmon, oregano and thyme in tomato sauce - made it taste home made. I love fuchsias and we grew some of those but 3 out of 4 didn't make it (we think). I do love these little flowers and I planted about 3 different bunches throughout the yard

I am going to try again. If anything I am persistent LOL.

Tomorrow a Spiritual Journaling class - sounds like fun!

This is a hoot (well to me anyway)

found this after looking up "Salem blogs"

I thought this was a pretty cool idea!

and finally I am a cornball LOL - the calls to Moe's from The Simpson's TV show