Thursday, April 30, 2009


Well my daughter's got a job interview! OK in this economy it's so-so news but for her it's great! She's also feeling the baby kick and getting a check up & ultrasound tomorrow.

OK here's a few interesting links for you:

First my friend from Artist's Way, Susan Feinstein, has started a business after taking her first Artist's Way class! She is a fun loving, warm and twisted (in a good way) woman and I can see this going a long way!

First Wednesday in May - May 6th. One of my favorite restaurants is having their "Grand Opening"

Willamette Noodle Company

Looking for a cool Mother's Day gift for someone special - even yourself LOL?

one of the many yummy gifts

I love this one! Seeds for a year.


Dayna Collins said...

Thanks for links to some fun things to do and how sweet to promote Susan's new business venture!

Anonymous said...

Yeah for Amy!!!! Sounds like she is stearing in a healthy direction. And I love the seed link!!!!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to sign in so the last commment was from ME ~ Bobbie