Monday, April 27, 2009

I feel kind of old today LOL

Not really - but my granddaughter Zoey is 7 years old today! I called her this evening to see what fun she had today and she had a tummy ache. I was in full grandma mode but didn't give advice to her stepmom Christene on tummy aches LOL.

Here's a picture of Zoey and part of her family in April of 2006:

Dayanera, Christene, Raynette, Wayne, Zoey and JJ.

I know Zoey is loved and cared for and it give me some peace. We are hoping to move down near the White family when Rich retires. It's kind of windy at times but a lot cooler than Tucson. I hope by us moving close by there will be a feeling of family and celebrations - two things that mean a lot to me.

Happy Birthday Zoey my sweet little pixie - you will always be Grandma's Girl.

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