Saturday, March 28, 2009

I'm a Stampin' Fool LOL

I took the Beginner's Class today at Stampin' Cat - I was all thumbs LOL. I guess at this stage of the game I need more time to pick out colors, etc. but I guess I did pretty good for the time I had.

We learned about embossing (card #2) - loved that one. Masking was #1. Sorry for the mess that is my desk LOL. I'm also learning about taking pictures with Rich's digital camera. I took the beginner's class today because I got the newsletter from Dayna's and would like to take some more classes at the store. I need to practice some of the methods I learned today. I think I'm pretty good at digital scraps, tags, etc. - now to do things in "real life".

I wanted to look around some in the store but didn't. I didn't want to be tempted to buy stuff right now - I have some supplies back at the house. I need to finish what I start. I'm going to complete my Altered Board Book and go from there.

A lot of things have changed in the past month. Irene is now living with her daughter Bev down in Yreka. Rich couldn't handle 12 hours with her! I went down to Tucson to be with Amy our daughter and by the time I was back she was moved out. It's nice to have our spare room back, nice to have the freedom to play my music, to go to bed and it is quiet in the house.

I saw my daughter Amy going through withdrawal - it wasn't pretty. She's decided to keep the baby. I guess once you've seen that little being on an ultrasound bouncing about you think about it being a BABY. I just pray everything will be ok with him/her. I'm going down there before the baby is born. Amy wants to go to school, to get all the legal stuff straightened out. I might be there for a while taking care of the baby. It's ok - I feel more energetic down there thank goodness. It will be strange after almost 25 years taking care of a baby.

Ok enough rambling for today.

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Bobbie said...

Your cards are so adorable!!! And I'm glad to see you are back to writing again~you do have a natural flow with words. Your new (not broken) flower is in the mail. Remember, a couple of "light" taps on the wrist!!