Monday, February 9, 2009

Things are bad all over but I have hope

It's been a tough week. Irene thought she was staying with us permanently but this place is SO small and I'm not in the best of health right now and we finally got things straightened out. She's applying for medicaid to help with the expenses of assisted living and we are looking for somewhere outside of Salem - shorter waiting period. Rich and I got in a major fight but thank God for Richard the counselor. Rich and I are strong and united - that's all I ask for.

Good news but I'm worried - Amy is pregnant! I want to be with her to make sure she's doing good and the baby is doing good. That's what moms are for right? I am going in April (unless I talk to Dayna about the class I'm in). Maybe I should just leave it and say April. I don't know - brain is foggy LOL.

I called my mom and my poor niece Megan. Patty & Joe (stepmom & dad) are fighting big time. Patty wants to leave and take Megan & the dog. She talks to Megan rotten and I don't think she'll be leaving with Megan. I'm going to call today to see if Megan got the candy I sent. Maybe or maybe not Patty will talk to me.

I feel like I'm disappointing some people but procrastination. I hate when I get like that but the last 3-4 days have not been good for me physically or mentally. I ache all over like I was dropped from a 5 story building and black & blue all over without the marks. I am still finding out stuff about fibromyalgia and getting different symptoms - stuff I haven't had in the 2 years since I was diagnosed. I have an appointment with the rheumatologist this week and I will talk to him.

Tomorrow I go to dinner with my Artist's Way group before the class. I need this. These women I feel like I've known them forever. Weird huh?

Here are some links I like looking at daily:

Smile all day today - it's contagious!

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