Sunday, February 15, 2009

I'm going shooting LOL

Well maybe pulling skeet for Rich. He took off work today and fed Irene and changed the sheets. I remember a joke about foreplay for a woman being washing the dishes LOL. It's nice when your man does those kinds of things for you.

I think this is SO sweet:

73 years! We've been married 25 and sometimes it seems like yesterday. We've been through a lot and probably will go through a lot more. I wouldn't want to go through it all with anyone but Rich - he is part of my heart. The other parts are Amy, Brandon, Zoey, Brandon and the new baby plus my new friends from the Artist's Way and my friends from my support group. There is always room for more.

I'm not very "chatty" today. I guess Sunday is a day for reflection. I'm hoping to go to a place and just "be" and listen to the silence. Plus I'm going to get myself a nice smelling candle, some nice fuzzy warm socks. That's part of my Artist's Way chapter on "Recovering a Sense of Connection". Sounds like a good plan.

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