Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy 150th Bithday Oregon!

OK so I googled how to spell Sesquicentennial and found this webpage: and had to LOL at "Seski" and that he/she/it has a Facebook page! OK so I re-joined Facebook. Hope it doesn't get TOO annoying. There will be plenty of events especially here in Salem for the birthday. Free hot dogs & cake at the Capitol but I think I'm going to skip that. Along with birthday happenings there are also Valentine's Day events like the cute sea otters getting fish frozen in the shape of hearts awwww

Me well I started the day at 8:45 yes you read that right! I didn't hear Rich leave or anything. I'd like to steal away after work to a motel and spend the night but that's not happening right now. I miss our alone time. We did have lunch yesterday - it was lovely.

The social worker came yesterday and Irene agreed to a foster care home. This way she'll be able to get in sooner. Not that we are pushing her out the door but I am getting physically and mentally exhausted.

I am watching the recorded 20/20 from last night

so sad and right here in America. Forgotten people that need our help. If everyone gave just $1 it would help these people.

Check it out.

Have a great Saturday and if you don't have a Valentine buy YOURSELF something great.

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