Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another great Tuesday night

My Artist's Way group - I just can't say enough about all those wonderful women.

I missed two weeks and I felt a loss and having the feeling of "catching up", but I also felt warmly welcomed back. I need to keep the flow of conversation going with these wonderful, intelligent, strong women from Wednesday up until we meet on Tuesdays and after the class is done with. I don't want to lose contact with anyone of them - they are all special.

I just thought of a funny thing to put on my Bucket List - dance on a table at a nightspot! LOL Not sure if it will ever happen, but then again my mom did try out to be a go-go girl back in the 60's! For those that remember that brings me to when Goldie Hawn danced on Laugh In. I read her biography and she did a bit of dancing in clubs back in the day

I love music and even though I'm not really a dancer (except with maybe a few drinks LOL) the thought of doing that gives me a giggle.

Another Bucket List item - getting an article, short story or even a book published. I've liked writing since the age of 10 when the teacher praised me for the short story I wrote about how an inanimate object would sound like if it could talk LOL. I am doing my Morning Pages from The Artist's Way but not as daily as I would like. I do write things at night but not consistently. OK Universe - I AM a writer and WILL publish a book that will touch a lot of lives. There - I said it LOL. I guess I have this awful fear of rejection, but that's the life of a writer right?

Here's a website where you put in any age and it lists accomplishments of people - for instance at 50:

At age 50:
Hermann Hesse wrote Steppenwolf, which dealt with man's double nature.
Leo Tolstoy, horrified by the meaninglessness of existence, considered suicide, and finally turned to the simple faith of the peasants.
Antoine Lavoisier, the founder of modern chemistry, was sent to the guillotine in retribution for directing the previous regime's tax organization.
P. L. Guinand, a Swiss inventor, patented a new method for making optical glass.
The composer Strauss intended to devote the remainder of his life to music, but was thwarted by the loss of his fortune.
The philosopher Plotinus was finally persuaded by his students to write down his ideas, published as The Enneads.
Samuel Adams directed the Boston Tea Party.
Barbra Streisand won a 10-year film and recording contract estimated at $60 million.
Mary Dixon became a pilot at the age of 50, fulfilling a lifelong dream.
Earl Vickers got married. The day included a string quartet performance of "Bohemian Rhapsody," a performance by an improv group, and a song he wrote for his wife.
Terri Tapper became the oldest female certified kiteboard instructor in the USA (and possibly the world).
Larry Silverman of Ballston Lake, NY, achieved his 3rd-degree black belt in karate.

Love the marriage of Earl Vickers LOL. Bohemian Rhapsody is one of my FAVORITE songs of all time. And you go Barbra!

This list makes me feel happy. You are never too old . . .