Wednesday, October 1, 2008

When it rains it pours

I want to be bored LOL!

It started when I fell and my hand looked like a blown up plastic glove. I thought maybe something was broken so I had them x-ray both of my hands. I got a call Friday saying that I've a fracture in my right hand and they would refer me to an orthopedist the request was marked urgent. Still haven't heard from anyone yet.

Then on Sunday around 3:30 a.m. Rich woke up with a bad asthma attack. He can usually takes something and it'll lessen, but he seemed to get worse throughout the day. Then Irene my mother-in-law calls and says she's on her way to the hospital. Her roommate John had had another stroke she tried to revive him and as she was pulling him off of the floor something toward inside leading to internal bleeding.

We had talked about Irene coming up here to live in the area. I see how hard it is on Rich to make the five-hour drive when something goes wrong. Well now she's going to come up and live in the area. I was talking to Rich on the phone last night and he said instead of Irene staying two to three weeks it will be two to three MONTHS - in our already crowded house! Irene and I have a history since Rich and I had to live with her several times for several months. I'm feeling angry and resentful but there's really nothing I can do about it. I'll be making a trip to see my counselor this Thursday, and hopefully it will help to talk about with him.

I can't really concentrate on school the past few days. I know I need to do that by the end of October to get my English comp finished and take the proctor test. It's going pretty well though - at least I don't have College Math right now - I'd be pulling my damn hair out LOL!

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