Sunday, September 14, 2008

I THOUGHT it was fall here . . .

but we are having some warm days - 80's is hot for Salem LOL.

I am starting back to school - I am going to college online - and I'm getting a Bachelors in Business Administration. What am I going to do with it I was asked? I wanted to go back to school to stretch my brain. I might find something along the way in my studies I'd be interested in, but this won't be for another 9 to 5 job. I will use it for my own business or possibly some kind of non-profit organization.

I do have to write a journal 3 times a week for one of my classes, so I might be doing it here.

I am also working a job that pays 3 cents a search and that's just pocket money for now. I sit here at the computer and while Rich is watching TV and I'm not so interested in what he's watching LOL I earn a little money. Christmas is coming soon and we are going to AZ for 9 days. We are going to have so much fun!

New season of SNL was last night. I was really disappointed after the strike last year - SNL was going downhill. Last night was just - OK. Loved Tina Fey's Sara Palin, but everything else was so-so. OK so I'm not in the 18-35 demographic but I do watch. Strike is over guys AND it's an election year - time to get with it! Can't wait for the new shows to come on - Pushing Daisies, Dirty Sexy Money, Heroes, Survivor, CSI. Thank goodness for DVR LOL.

OK gonna get off here - season finale of BB is coming on. I watched the first season and didn't watch it until this season. Here's another link of interest:

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Dayna Collins said...

Gerri, I sure enjoyed reading your post. Good for you for returning to school - I LOVE school and also returned as an adult. I got my BS in 1990, I guess I was about 36 at the time (I had to do some math to figure that out). I didn't get to watch SNL last night, but I just watched the clip of Tina as Sarah and Amy as Hilary and it was quite entertaining. Tina did an awesome job of playing Sarah!! Kinda scary, actually! See you soon, Dayna