Saturday, August 30, 2008

Isn't he a sweety pie!

Big big smile, bright blue eyes like his daddy! I see since I last saw him his hair has darkened. Can't wait to see the grandkids and Amy and Brandon at Christmas time.
Talked to Brianne the other day. I figure that Brandon has a mild form of autism and she confirmed it. I said whatever help he needs outside of what the state is providing we would pay for.
I hope to have a picture of Zoey as a first grader. I'm going to call this weekend. She's spending the weekend with her brother and that's a good thing.
Not much to say today so I'll leave a couple of links for your enjoyment.
drugs used and those that are in the process of being FDA approved
til tomorrow!

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Dayna Collins said...

Gerri, I just read this post about your grandson. My neice's son, also Brandon, was diagnosed with autism about two years ago (he is now four). It has been a long road for his parents and especially for my sister (Brandon's grandma). If you ever want to talk to my sister, I know she would be happy to do so - she has been a real advocate for Brandon.