Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dipping my toe in the water of creativity

I love following Dayna Collins blog - I signed up for her "Artist's Way" course and was unable to go to it. A few weeks ago I saw an entry about a book club she belongs to - and e-mailed her & asked if they would accept me as a new member. I went to my first meeting the other day and LOVED it! What a cool bunch of women.

I have felt so isolated these last few years because of my fibromyalgia and arthritis. Oregon is a beautiful state but for people with this combo of chronic illnesses it sucks - big time! I am planning to take the Artist's Way course in January and I'm also taking a Visual Journaling: A Life Collage class - it involves making a journal and I'm stoked. I am hoping meeting a bunch of women that also want to be creative (and have fun in the process). Thank you Dayna for accepting me.

I do create using Paint Shop Pro. I am in some MSN groups and we use "tags" - taking an image and layering it with paper, different effects and accessories. I enjoy doing it blasting my music LOL. I love making tags for other people. If they admire my work I'm happy to create and give it away. I'm interested in digital scrapbooking - using papers and elements along with my images - really cool stuff is available. I'm hoping to transfer that creativity to real life - making things for myself, my friends and loved ones.

Today is going to be a hot one in Salem Oregon. I guess this is a precursor to what's to come when we move down to Arizona LOL. I am staying inside blasting my music and maybe make a tag for someone.

Adios amigos & amigas - til tomorrow . . .

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