Sunday, August 17, 2008

Another dog and other ramblings for today

Rich calls me from work yesterday and says "I'm going to see about a dog for sale". He's wanted a lab for some time now. He tells me that the dog will come with him to work when possible. I just had misgivings about raising another dog. Well, not just another dog but a BIG dog LOL. Rich went and saw this puppy - yep he's 9 weeks old - and says he's as big as Curly is. Curly is full grown - a mini poodle. We as a couple haven't had a dog bigger than a mini poodle so this is going to be "interesting" to say the least LOL. Aw what the heck - it's gonna be fun too - isn't it LOL?

I got a phone call yesterday. At first I didn't recognize the voice but it was Gayle. I thought she had moved back down to CA with her son & family. I met her through Janet, the lady we hired to clean our house. I've told Janet how isolated I felt having fibromyalgia & arthritis and she said her mother-in-law was feeling the same. She moved up here with her family and hadn't really gotten out and made friends in the two years they lived here. We called and visited but then Janet said they were all moving back to CA. I was a little sad - Gayle & I got along great. But turns out she didn't move down with Janet. She's trying to sell her house but she's hoping it doesn't sell - she said she likes it here and is willing to go back and forth when the weather gets dreary here. I would love to do that when Rich retires. Maybe we can.

. . . til tomorrow

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